Xin Zhao patch 6.3

I just got STOMPED by a Xin. I played Fiora a lanebully, but Xin stomped me in lane. I think if a lanebully gets sht on in lane something is wrong. I haven't played Fiora that much, but when i play her i have never lost a lane. I got behind 0/2 but i still manage to come back in lane and sometimes even manage to kill them. But vs Xin i couldn't do anything. He jumped in on me i blocked his knock up, he lost the trade and healed back up. Then he jumped in again and i didn't have my W and e killed me. In late game he 1v5 us, and after we respawned we managed to kill him and then he said it was first time Xin...... My thoughts are that he should get nerfed. In some way make it more punishing for him when he loses a trade. Pls nerf Xin Zhao
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