Shen AP is viable

Usually 99% of threads I open are about how Shen sucks. This was my [**8th attempt in 3 years**]( if you're curious. Anyway this time I'm not complaining about him. I want to share with you a new AP build I'm trying quite successfully (got diamond few hours ago). First let me give you a bit of a background. I play just Shen as support. I'm so sad that I managed to get 2.2M mastery points plus 600k on smurfs and the funny part is that I hate playing him for a million of reasons. The biggest thing I hate is his inflexibility with itemization, runes and the non-existent scalings. That's how I ended up trying more than 100 builds but more or less the results were just average. Strangely the AP build that I'm trying from more than one month, even though is still average, is actually fun to play. Let me start from this phrase. **In a standard game I get about 230 AP spending just 360 gold with the following results:** * R gives 1404 shield (840 flat + 497 from AP +5% Revitalize) * At lvl 18 empowered Q deals 120 + 32% of target's maximum health (18% flat + 13.8% from AP) * At lvl 18 Guardian gives 596 shiled (150 flat + 58 from AP + 360 from HP +5% Revitalize) It really costs just 360 gold. Let me show you how. * Resolve * Guardian * Shield Bash * Second Wind * Revitalize * Sorcery * Trascendence * Gathering Storm * Other: CDR, AR, HP The key is stacking CDR so that Trascendence gives me free adaptive AD/AP bonus as soon as I pass 40%. The problem is that Shen receives AD so to get AP I need to buy the cheapest item that gives AP (more on that later) so that the game turns my adaptive bonus into AP. In the same time Gathering Storm will reward me with additional AP every 10 minutes. With full build at minute 50 I get: * +80 AP from Trascendence due to the fact I have 80% CDR * +120 AP from Gathering Storm because it's minute 50 The only thing I need to get 200 AP is this: {{item:1082}} This brings my AP from 210 to 220 with glory fully stacked. In late game I can even upgrade to this: {{item:3041}} So that my AP goes up to 245. In the meantime I still have this tanky build: {{item:3401}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3041}} In case we are dominating the game I trade one of the above items with this but quite frankly it never happens. {{item:3025}} In conclusion here are my pros and cons. * Pros * The shield of your R is massive and can be used every 96 seconds * Your chances to complete the channeling of R before your target dies are finally honest * Q deals a decent amount of damage but don't get me wrong, you still can't 1v1 an enemy full HP unless you're facing the support * It's fun to play. At least now I can see some scalings on Shen * Cons * Performance-wise in ranked (ELO Plat/Dia) is like playing the standard Shen support * You need to rush The Dark Seal at 1st max 2nd back therefore you're gonna have a risky laning phase since you need postpone the purchase of your core items * The idea of stacking glory could be intriguing but it doesn't make a big difference so just ignore that and don't be scared to die to save allies * You can't buy items that gives AD otherwise all your AP will turn into AD making your Dark Seal a waste of time I underline again that this build is valid for Shen **SUPPORT** and not for top.

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