Officially tired of the ranked system and the answer is obvious. So here's how it could be solved

I don't care who says this game can be carried by a single man, or the answer is to play better because right now the ranked system is in such a disgustingly flawed state that i don't believe those who are in gold belong in gold and those who are in bronze belong in bronze... I've played with many established golds+ and one of my friends was a season 3+4 Diamond and when i watch them play, you can just tell the difference of maturity, play style, mechanics and strategic thinking. On the flip side i have for some reason been paired up with diamonds and golds in normal Queue and watch them make exceedingly bad plays over and over and i wonder just how or what happened to land him into those queue's Not really important/rant] [Now ofcourse this is going to feature one of those salty little one time stories but i just want to squash the one liners telling me to play better because there IS only so much you can do until your team decides it knows what's best; which is 80% of the time so very wrong in lower tiers. To start, we had one of those typical Riven players, you know, who calls top and someone else chooses top so she they decide to feed? Well we had one of those in our games; On there team! So we're off to a good yet stupid advantage however as the game progressed, she started to only split push. Racking up almost 250 cs, she was actually getting somewhere, as i was the only one who was focusing it, i would TRY and stop but what can a Zyra do against a Riven? Yes, my fault for playing Zyra in a ranked game aye?. Now the issue became funny because she knew she couldn't do anything under the turret and i wouldn't fight out of it so i would ping saying Riven is coming towards the guys out fighting however my response i got? "Don't worry about riven, she's feeding" No, she WAS feeding, now she can.... Oh look, she's just got a triple kill. This actually kept repeating quite often. Now we were still winning, sort of however then Vayne started playing a custom game; "I just want kills, you guys push" What does that mean? It means when the fight is done, even if there is ace and a push chance, she would back to buy and wait for her next feed! Great,, until she couldn't actually do that after the game got to 40 minutes. Now bare in mind we could have won this soooo fucking sooner but no one was really doing anything much. I tried as hard as i could as Zyra but riven flanked me everywhere i went and Azir could just get me no matter what so i HAD to stay with the team if i wanted to push something. Now comes the final fight, Baron! Let's 5v5 this! We can win! Vayne -- I'll go get dragon! Oh... So we lost 4v5 and lost the game...] ____ So the real meat of this is i seriously don't believe that even those i did so much right with what i could do, it was ultimately decided by one person doing something he thought was better but actually was just pretty mindless. I now come to the champion mastery. I got an S- for that effort, great, i mean i did well! But i lost 16 points... Normally when i win i get about 19 points. I lost 16 points because of somebody else and i can't believe my points have to be so reliant on 4 other people who just clearly are not supposed to be paired up with you. There's the case of the carrier bag silver. There is always one person who gets carried until they need to be a part of something and ultimately never will forever being stuck in silver; however they drag others down once they get there. Seeing as i felt and was even awarded with a decent grade in my game, that i shouldn't have lost THAT many points. Granted, i lost the game, i 'm not asking that i still get points, but 14! That's kinda extreme considering if i won 5 games and lose 4 games in that way, i'll be up about 20 points after about 3 hours of effort? I seriously think this ranked system should be about YOU, The player. If you suck against golds, you're not really are you? You just got a c in your champion, did you win anyway? did you get carried though? Did the other team have an afk? Why did you get 20 points for that? You didn't do much, how about 6 points? Learn to get better, start getting better at your champion and progress, Now you're getting some good a ranks against golds! You're getting some decent points and you're not losing as much points because of the fools who are not good against golds, you may be ready for the next level! :) ..... But no, it doesn't work that way... Why? Why can't your system be based upon your own performance just like your champion ranking is? After all, When do you see a LCS team win with a diamond ADC. You don't. This needs to seriously change because yes i may just be able to get gold as i think i'm good enough, but the stress is seriously not worth it. This could also directly solve the meta issue we face in ranked. Where people tend to quote that certain champions should be played in order to climb the ladder. Is Anivia hard to play for you? Don't do it. But what about those Anivia mains, they who play her because they like her? She's not exactly Meta is she, not strong enough to solo carry you to victory? But why should you have to play boring Annie when you could be playing Anivia! Why should you be punished playing her? You could be the best Anivia player in your region and you should be rewarded for it and punished less because one day, your effort with Anivia could climb you to an tier where your other members respect that, work around you and your presence can as strong as you deserve... Not being forced to play certain champs because of their presence for being them. Riot should be encouraging diverse champion pools so if you can get s ratings in your Anivia games, why should you be losing 20 points a game just because she's simply not Annie...
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