Doom Bots of Boringness

my least favourite game mode used to be ascension, but damn, now i miss it like hell.... Can we plz have old Doom Bots of Doom back? this new kinda of rework you just boring, not because i've won a lot of times, but its repetitive like hell, you shouldnt have changed the old DBD, you could have made this one a new mode, instead of stealing us the pleasure that was old DBD, i honestly miss the mini garens jumping from the bushes and trying to spins us hell.... or...since you have made 2 types of DBD, teemoing and gauntlet....why couldnt we just get to vote in teemoing, and the gauntlet mode be like the last year DBD? feels like everytime you try to change something, in this game, us players dont really get to have an opinion, about nothing, is it hard to make a poll? i know you will never make it..but hard would it be to make a freakin POLL in lol website just asking: Wich DBD did you like the most? TEEMOING version or last year version....
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