First item for Thresh, tired of seeing knights vow rush.

{{item:3109}} 2200g; 40 armour, 10% CDR, 250 Health; bind to ally to help mitigate damage on them at your expense So although its under the recommended items, please don't rush this item, its even less gold efficient because THRESH IS RANGED not melee. You want to be playing the Guardian peel warden, choose {{champion:201}} or {{champion:223}}. Though to be fair, this item can be a later pickup and does provide some use, but certainly not core due to the inefficiency. {{item:3050}} 2250g; 60 armour, 30 MR, 10% CDR; ridiculous damage increase for both you and your bound ally after your ultimate. For those that can use it, this is one of, if not THE most busted support items in the game. If you get an offensive hook, jump, ult, pull flay combo, that target(s) is going to be in this AoE (20% slow), and will not escape very easy short of flashing. Assuming your partner lands a single auto, that slow becomes 40% and your aura now does 40 magic damage per second, more damage than {{item:3751}} {{item:1413}} {{item:1401}}{{item:3068}} (except level 18 with sunfire). Which reminds me, {{champion:111}} , stop rushing that damn bami cinder into sunfire, you loose nuance of minion management by auto-pushing, its more expensive, and less damage for the actual fight, and gives your ADC nothing. But here is the real busted part, 30% bonus magic damage, on hit... {{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} ADC, and they will shred them. {{item:3190}} 2200g; 30 armour, 60 MR; defensive shield, does require presence of mind to use correctly. Great second item, or even first item if you are both getting poked down and burst 100-0 from magic damage (damn burst mage supports). {{item:3105}} 1100g; 30 armour, 30 MR Hey, what do you know, both the above two items have a common build path. So simply, if you are behind and getting poked, you can play under tower with your locket for the outplay when they dive. If you are ahead or even, just go zekes, then crush their lane whenever your ult is up.

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