Plz nerf rango

I played many game against rango and is so unfair! He have no mana but have big damages with ability! He roar and make health, throw necklace and slow sometimes bugs i can't move!! wtf? when he hit 6 he rnadomly jumps on me from nowear and i dont have tiem to respond because he do big damages and i dead :( he too fast for big damages and make invisible too often! ult needs nerf Heres what we do: Make his q work on tower but deal less damage at all rank (more split but less damages) w only heel, no armour and magic resist because he already have big damages why he get tank too?? This so broken fix bug on e where i cant move and he refreshes cooldown on it- why has riot not stopped this? make ult less speed and give longer cd/range on ! when he about to make jump on me All the time i see adc or apc or squishy or even tanky died to rango. Stupid damages and stupid tank What do you think of this?
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