What Riot can do with the normal draft situation

http://imgur.com/a/trGYq The community's reaction to the removal of normal draft was... less than welcoming. (see images) With the comments on Riot's new podcast being filled with "bring normal draft back" for 10+ comments in a row, the trending posts on the boards mostly being about normal draft, and even other regions(EUW) who still have it complaining, and a poll getting 750+ votes to bring normal draft back. So what can Riot do now? They have two main options: bring draft back or keep it removed. The first would be the most reasonable as the majority of the community seems to be against this removal, but what if Riot doesn't do that? Well, then it will stay like this and they will have two main options again. go through and remove it on the other regions and get a huge amount of backlash from the english speaking, larger regions (NA, EUW) which would be catastrophic for them. The second option is to keep draft in those regions and prove that they are scared of their community which would basically make the players of EUNE and the other regions where draft was removed rage even more. Three of these four options seems pretty bad for everyone, so all we can do is hope that Riot is smart enough to put normal draft back in. EDIT: There is actually a change.org petition with more than 2000 signatures at the moment. you can find it [HERE](https://www.change.org/p/make-normal-draft-mode-avaliable-again-in-all-regions-league-of-legends)
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