Phenomenon of Blue essence

I dont really know where should I start..."Dear" Riot, I played LoL from season 1 or 2 (i dont really remember, it was long time ago) and an IP and RP system was fine. You were fresh on the market that time, game was for free. It was understandable that You had to earn money for the effort You put into the game as a whole and You still have. I stopped to play like one year ago or so (however I was coming back for couple of games once or two per month). I didnt pay attention to the system until today... Explain it to me cause i dont understand something. How could You put so much effort in re-develop whole system, changing IP into Blue essence if players cannot buy nothing but champions for it? I understand that some content of the game has to be something that You have to pay for, but for god sake, today i went into the shop and it turned out to be that every single thing you can buy for Riot points and only riot points...Like really? Even something that trivial as icons? I sit on 60k Blue essence but im aware that there are people far more rich with it. So through this many years nothing changed in this matter? Im really disappointed and i think this is not only me, but maybe is it? What do You people think about this, share Your opionions. Best Regards.

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