game is full of noobs

hi, my account got 14day banned. what i want say to riot is bthat when i play lol in s5 players was really better, their playing level was so high and know how to play it what do in game, it was more toxic like dota2 , often when you do a mistake other players goes toxic (S5) but now what ? many good players left lol because their accounts got banned, game is full of noob when you play it, dont know what to do when to do, start nashor bad time and many other mistakes, they never be punished for it but one that say "WTF YOU ARE DOING THERE ?" goes banned. I uninstalled LoL (after s5 and s6 i was not playing it a lot for new ban system but end season i came back and for new runes) however I can say you in this way LoL is good place for kids and dota2 will goes higher in player from LoL in next years, just trying to keep communicity out of toxicity isnt good way until u dont consider a way to punish janna with lethal tempo IF you are banned player that dont play lol or goes to dota2 after see how system is working give me +1 to show riot this post ,maybe that noobs fix this game, call your friends, i call my friends , +1
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