A quick way to get all the expensive champs

They lowered the price for champion mystery shards if you are interested in getting champs. Before it was 1700x3=5100 ip, now its 3950 BE for a complete Hextech mystery champion. If you get all the cheaper champs normally (450, 1350, 3150), then you would save a lot. This means you save 6300-3950= 2350 BE and 4800-3950=850 BE. It still takes some time to save up, but at least you save a lot in the long run. I had 7 remaining 6300 champs yesterday and i bought them all with 27650 BE. I also bought some extra shards for the future, so when a new champ comes out at 7800 BE, i will save 7800-3950= 3850 (almost half price).
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