how to make crite items beter from a yasuo wannabe main (i till can't figure out how to be toxicT-T)

zeal items: making the final product 100g less (zeal +100, final +100) and meke them 25% crit chance infinity edge: - damage the same - remove true damage - keep the 2x crit chance - keep the formula (2x bf sword cool, make it hard to get but worth the road, further delaying the spike for hypercary) - reintroduce the crit damage buff BUT NOW HEAR ME OUT OK : - make it scale and diferent betwean mele and ranged champs, mele get 30%, ranged get 10%, 15% or 20% ur call, and make it scale with the base crit chance up to 50% (with a 6% crit damage per 10% crit chance for mele and 3%crit damage per 10% crit chance for ranged champs) so hiper carris will need 3 items to be beasts but will be true monsters at 4-5 items !! well these are my ideas hope u read them and hope u like them !! V ( if u do use them plz give me the NB yasuo border plz T-T)
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