Mail to all Leona, Diana and Panth Mains

Get Your (Solar) Flare On
Hi, AlexanderVX! So, Leona's getting updates! She's still the super tanky stunner you know, but we're updating her lore so her story's about as epic as a perfectly placed Solar Flare. It's all part of a broader update to Mount Targon that also features lore changes for Pantheon and Diana.
I just got a mail, regarding the Leona backstory changes: "**Calling all Leona mains!** The winner of League’s "most likely to need a dermatology appointment" award is getting an update. Read on for the details!" I was wondering if everybody got this mail, but there was clearly written to "Calling all Leona mains!", so i opened my account, and it´s true, Leona is my most played Champion! Who else got a mail like that? What was written in the Panth/Diana mail? I think this is a nice and funny gesture. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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