Quinn's nerf...

Hi everyone. Just wanted to say a thing about the nerf to Quinn. First of all this is just my opinion and even that's only at this moment so don't get mad at me or something. Ok so Quinn's base AD was already pretty low if you ask me and they nerfed that. Why did they do this? Then her Q ability's AD scaling AND base damage got nerfed. Ok it was doing too much damage before but the amount it got nerfed is a bit too much I think. They also released Poppy's update and if you didn't already know her W interrupts all dashes. So immediately I get a Poppy support against me when I play Quinn. So yeah. Quinn's Q damage is super low in the early levels, E is easily interrupted and her basic attacks alone don't do s**t. It's ok if you nerf her but Riot did it a bit too hard in my opinion.
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