Rewards for attaining champion mastery

Hello there fellow summoners. So. I wont expand a lot on this one because i don't want to get so far that i wonder into deep forests of Shadow isle and will get to the point. I wondered maybe it would be possible to implement some kind of rewards system into mastery that you get some thing in return for playing a champion. I am acually looking at very well known thingy..IP We could get more IP for getting a certain Mastery level on a champion... For exsample: M2 - 100 IP M3 - 250 IP M4 - 500 IP M5 - 1000 IP M6 - 2500 IP M7 - 5000 IP This would speed up the progression thing on getting all champs and runes faster and you would have some purpose to play other champions rather than sticking to small champ poll...adnyou would learn something new too maybe...(new champions in this case)
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