Need help with Soraka.

I have been playing soraka for a while now, and since i am new to LOL, i just know that she has been nerfed a lot in the past. I just wanted to say , her laning phase is pretty good if the adc works well with you and does not go into danger where it can get burst to 0 health. Most lanes, even against blitzcrank/thresh that counter me, i can still manage to win lanes. I personally think her silence radius is small but it's an incredible ability. The reason i say the radius is small is because it just doesn't help you escape ganks in any freaking way or even escape chases. Cooldown is high enough but the ability is use-able in few situations so that is not an issue here. I know it's main use is in team fights and it works wonders when executed right but only the silence part. Why? because no one ever gets rooted. I rarely see the opportunity though where enemy stays in radius until they get rooted. Root doesn't help though. Why? Like i said above, the enemy needs to be focused on ally, so it should not be moving anyway so root is kinda pointless. However, if root is there for some utility since she has no damage then maybe LOL didn't think twice when reducing the radius. I also think that late game her self health sacrifice should be small and i really mean it. Early phase it's fine. Why? Otherwise she will never die or let her adc die. Late game it's not fine. Why? You have 4 allies to heal. Your are much more likely to get damage from CC/AOE and even poked from enemies. You don't get enough time to regen health back in team fights as everything happens fast. Plus her base health regen is OP. haha ( it might not even exist) because i just rely on runes for that. Did you know, i can spend nearly 1k just on potions in some games as soraka and no i play safe with her but the health sacrifice has too much burden on her late game plus it's impossible not to take damage in a game. Not to mention as a support she is always behind in money. I have no issues with support items because they are perfect and provide the same benefit to all soraka like supports. Now i just want to mention is about her Q. When you get skilled, you can land it multiple times in the laning phase. Spamming is an issue since mana goes down fast and then you can't heal or land E in team fights. However, how the freaking frik is soraka suppose to land Q's in team fights? You expect her to confront 5 enemies to land a single Q, and maybe take freaking 5 spells/attacks in return or die. More than anything she needs to land Q's late game to heal. So late game she can't land Q and early game she can't or there is not much use of landing an E? Both are high risk abilities for a support as well. Also i think her W needs a little more distance. Why? WTF am i suppose to do when my allies are getting CC and i have to go right into their faces to heal just to die with them? If i keep my distance and don't heal before allies die, then WTF am i doing there? Seriously, if CC counters soraka this bad, then she is garbage and i think LOL needs to take this into consideration. In team fights, how hard is it to focus on soraka? Not hard at all because once caught she has no way to escape nor anyway to deal some burst damage on you before she dies. Tbh she can't do sht damage if she is pure support. Times of Aggressive soraka are gone. I just want to know how her late game can be improved because i really need help with it? I am pretty decent on positioning myself in team fights so that i am at a distance where i can't get poked but when allies need health i rush in to heal and go back. I also am pretty decent on warding so i don't get ganked otherwise i am a goner. If any member of LOL reads this, please think about the people who love healing champs. Healing is a very common concept in nearly every game. Don't just focus on assassins all the time. There is a reason why the queue's are slower when you choose support. I know there are a lot of healer haters because they love killing but this post doesn't concern you. You all already have the luxury of stealth and multiple dashes and burst damage and insanely insane outplay potential.
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