We can have a Gravelord Azir skin but Yorick can't have his rework...

I would like to see Yorick reworked into a toplane fighter who can dive enemy backlines, spawn a ghoul here or there and turn a fight if the enemies get to your backlines faster and better and kill your carries before you kill their carries. Read below: Passive - Death's Grasp: Yorick's attack range increases the closer he is to death (maximum +100% attack range at or below 25% maximum HP). (Base 175, max 350) **Q - Call of the Grave** (circular skillshot) Yorick summons a totem in target location pulling all nearby enemies towards it. After 0.5 seconds any enemies still in range take (AD + AP) physical damage. Yorick can reactivate the ability to blink to the totem. NOTES: Q is a skillshot which is quite similar in how it works to Diana's E. It's yoricks only way to interrupt enemies and if he chooses to use it this way he has very limited mobility since it's also his blink. It can be used as a way for Yorick to gank or reach enemy backlines and should have a long cooldown at lower ranks and a high mana cost at higher ranks. **W - Omen of Pestilence ** Yorick summons an untargetable Pestilence ghoul that searches for nearby enemy champions. The ghoul lasts 5 seconds and has 130% of Yoricks movement Speed. The ghoul grants true sight of the enemy and deals (AP) magic damage over time for 3 seconds. If the ghoul finds an enemy champion Yorick summons another Pestilence ghoul at no cost that searches for a different target. NOTES: W is Yoricks way of dealing with champions that use stealth. If Yorick opts for Rylai's the ghould will also slow the enemy which will make the ability somewhat similar to the new Forst Queen Claim active. This would probably be upgraded last unless someone tries an off-meta AP yorick build and uses this to poke in lane. **E - Omen of Famine** (linear skillshot + pet) Passive: Yorick gains 5% per spell rank spell vamp and life steal while Famine ghoul is alive. Active: Yorick sends a soul in the target direction. If the ghoul hits an enemy it spawns a Famine ghoul and deals (AD) damage. The ghoul has 40% of the targets max HP and loses 20% of it's current HP per seconds. The ghoul deals (AD) damage, prioritizing the target hit by the soul. NOTES: This is Yoricks sustain and should have a rather low cooldown. Hitting a minion with the skillshot will of course mean the Ghoul can pretty much be one shot, however hitting a toplane tank with it will give Yorick quite good sustain since tanks have a lot of health and don't have the damage to burst the ghoul down. Should allow him to splitpush nicely as well since ghould will be very effective versus minions waves with no enemy champion around. **R - Death's Door** _(global ult)_ A grave is created where a champion dies (both enemies and allies). The grave disappears 10 seconds before the champion respawns. Yorick can cast Death's Door on a grave and after 0.5 seconds briefly revives all champions from nearby graves as revenants. Revenants can normally use ablities and basic attacks but have lowered movement speed. Enemy champions revive with 20% max health. Allied champions revive with 30% (+ X% per 100 AP) max health. Yorick can cast Death's Door on his own grave even when dead. NOTES: This is like a Kindred ult in reverse. Instead of not allowing champions to die it allows those champions that died to live again. Just like kindred's ult it's targetted, not a skillshot so that Yorick can't make sure he revives only his team in a teamfight. It'd be used mainly to equalise fights that don't go your way but the revenants can be kited easily due to their lowered movement speed. Yorick can ult himself if he Qs into the enemy backline and then realises "Oh damn, my team didn't follow fast enough" and dies. Revenants do not hold tower aggro over champions when towerdiving (like minions).

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