Removing Sightstone and reworking Eye of the _ items is a bad idea So {{item:3401}} {{item:3092}} {{item:3069}} and {{item:2045}} are getting removed and {{item:2302}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3401}} will be reworked to have Sightstone passive with a gold quest. Riot said that they will try to somehow keep FQC and Coin actives, but Face of the Mountain one will be gone. I see no pros from this change and could list few cons out of my head right away: --- it will make supports less interactive. Removing actives from their items will make supp role more boring --- less choice in builds. Some players build Eye items and some tier 3 + Sightstone, depending on their preference or situation in game. Do we need the actives? Do I want more cdr on active items? Some players liked max cdr active build, with zz portal, banner, sightsone and runes. It wold be possible anymore unless they build gold income item too. --- building Sightstone or Eye item differ good and bad support players. Some build only tier 3 and then go dmg. Forcing everyone to have vision removes skill expression. --- Not having early vision provided by {{item:2049}} means that jungler will have even more impact on bot lane --- Tank supports are getting hard nerfed with removal of their item active --- Relic Shield on adc could be more common because will provide vision
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