What's Wrong with Vel'Koz - Vel Main.

Hey guys, I'm I Of The Void - Note the tryhard {{champion:161}} name; that's because I main him. I loved everything about his kit, I loved how incredibly versatile he was and how in 90% of games he was always relevant, no matter whether he took a beating/camping in lane etc. I loved that kind of development path because it allowed me to distribute gold; i.e letting an adc who's behind farm whereas a hard AP scaler couldn't do that. I bought {{champion:161}} minutes after he was unlocked in the store. He's been strong in some seasons, he's been weaker in others but always a reliable pick. I was one of several players whose expressed confusion and some degree of anger towards proposed {{champion:161}} changes. Those players and I all had the same message for riot; don't fix what isn't broken. Riot's kinda had this thing with {{champion:161}} where they kept adding minor buffs to make him relevant but (luckily for me) this didn't drive up his pick/ban rate. Well... I didn't come here to sing praises about his recent updates. Here are some of my notes on what's wrong with {{champion:161}} as a result of this patch. Riot, you said you wanted to give immobile mages some way to justify their immobility, but you didn't do anything profound with {{champion:161}} rework, he's just as vulnerable as ever and you've put him in a strange spot that's made him weaker and in my opinion difficult to balance. You've shaved off the strenght in 2/6 of his kit (W.E), kept Q roughly the same and made him dependent on 2/6 of his kit which isn't that strong until late game. (Passive/R). The WORST thing for me is... "Research Passive." * Before 6.9, Q-R burst was relevant: Now, when {{champion:161}}ONLY Q and R's someone, it doesn't do too much because R will NOT apply ANY true damage, and {{champion:161}} will be left with the same amount of stacks. This restricts his windows of power considerably and people can just walk out of his ultimate. (NOTE: death is the ultimate cc) * * Before 6.9, {{champion:161}} didn't have to wait for three stacks for his ulti to be useful: Now, he finds himself waiting around for all of his very slow skillshots to land before he dares press R to use that research passive. Unfortunately by that time, people have gained enough distance from him to prevent the full damage from it ulti (or have enough distance to flash/dash the rest). There is no surprise. * * Before 6.9: {{champion:161}} could utilise amplified damage (such as Merciless mastery, Assassin mastery, and Bounty Hunter) when he fired his R, but guess what; true damage is neither negated nor improved by buffs/debuffs. * * Before 6.9: {{champion:161}} could opt for a strict magic penetration setup, knowing it would scale VERY VERY WELL if the enemy was silly enough not to buy any MR: Now, {{champion:161}} can either buy MPEN (and have it be useless when he's using his Research empowered ultimate that he is clearly kitted around) or {{champion:161}} can rush AP and CDR like every other conventional midlaner. Even with that, the AP ratios on his other abilities have been trashed making him reliant on aforementioned ultimate that has all those problems ^ ^ ^ * * Before 6.9: {{champion:161}} felt the risk of even standing still for a second was worth the result. Now, when playing vs {{champion:105}} /{{champion:157}} /{{champion:238}} anyone whose second is equal to 1 week in terms of damage, it's usually a bad idea. {{champion:161}} is punished even more for having a channelled ulti, especially in lane; the enemy either gets away, or he's a sitting duck. This wasn't a problem back when his R was a threat before 40 minutes. It feels like Riot just made a new version of an immobile mage, while tearing down an amazing kite mage and didn't achieve their purpose, I don't suddenly feel like I can work around his immobility just because he can deal slightly more true damage than {{champion:31}} ... I don't think it makes sense how Riot 'Diversity' Games, decided that they'd take away {{champion:161}} non-AP dependent kit and make it into an ap-dependent one. Back in season 4, I got flamed for not buying {{item:3157}} or {{item:3089}} and instead buying {{item:3151}} and {{item:3116}} . Now those items are sub-optimal on {{champion:161}} because he's forced into the typical build route of stack AP or lose. Until now, he has never dropped below 50% winrate. 48.7% (EUW, at time of posting) is simply horrifying.
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