Misconceptions PT2 - Proof that Solo Queue is 99% skill - 100 games climbing challenge from Bronze 4

UPDATED WIN/LOSS: 56 OUT OF 100 GAMES PLAYED - 4TH Feb 39 WINS 17 LOSSES (2 technical fault - fps issues forcing reboots in game) 70%% win rate 3.64 KDA MMR - playing vs people who were averge P4 end of Season 9 I dont know what else to do, i made a thread about Misconceptions people have, and still get people disagree that Solo Queue is a skill based ranked system. Everyone keeps posting and denying that skill matters, because 'bad teams' 'trolls' 'inters' or the matchmaking system are keeping you from climbing. I assert that you have actually reached your skill level, and this explains why you have stopped climbing. But there is massive push back, commonly calling Solo Queue a coin flip that NOBODY could ever climb. > "dude noone could jump on my account and climb in my elo, my teams are so bad, and so disorganised its impossible" > -Random silver 2 player, jan 2020 Now i am a support main. I only play support, and i pretty much only play Sona. So is it possible for a D3 peak, support to climb low elo, playing solo, just queuing support? What would happen if i played 100 games on this account? If i climbed to plat/diamond mmr, would this prove that SKILL is the determining factor? Or would everyone STILL DOUBT that its possible to actually learn to play the game, and be better than lesser skilled players? Well guess what? I have a smurf account. I started playing 10 games with champs i dont use, and really weird runes, and went 2/8 in placements, cos... aiming iron. This landed the account in bronze 4, with a silver 4 MMR. Meaning im ranked in Bronze 4, but im playing against current silver 4 players. Here is the account - https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=report+sona+omg I changed the name today to REPORT SONA OMG, since this is no longer a sona mid account And here is my 1st ranked game result showing i am starting in Bronze 4. This is where i am playing my champion and role, for real to climb. https://imgur.com/a/910ap3v **CURRENT STANDINGS 25/01/2020 ** https://imgur.com/a/FrPu3Cz 19/3 86% win rate! (ONLY THE SONA GAMES COUNT - IGNORE 8 LOSSES FROM PROVISIONALS, I WANTED AS LOW RANK AS POSSIBLE TO START ON) So if you are a Bronze or Silver player, who thinks its your teams, and there is nothing you can do to possibly climb. Please explain why i can steamroll your Elo? I will continue doing this, and updating this thread. I am just going to prove that if you fix your game play and mechanics you will climb. It has nothing to do with your teams. UPDATE - This thread has been viewed 1400 times now, and it is the least interacted with. I can only assume those people who disagreed with me are now unable to refute my statement. There are at least 5 new posts a day about how ranked is broken, MMR is badly calculated, the ladder does not work properly etc etc This DIRECT proof that i can climb the low elos, with at times absolutely no effort - clearly proves that who you get matched with makes VERY little difference if you can actually play the game properly. FUN CLIPS https://gfycat.com/polishedhospitablebongo So look at this fight with Vel Koz. Look he is level 9, and im 6. I have not even 70AP. I know his ult is down, so this lets me know i can fight him because i trust my mechanics enough to juke his spells. He is a skill shot based champion, with very high damage potential but requires good aim/timing. Hes not really a good champion for silver players to pick up. In this clip a silver 2 Vel'Koz fires 7 skillshots at me. I get hit By only 2 because he Q's up close, so im slowed for his E. Even with his barrier bait, he is unable to kill me and i would win the 1v1 (report diana for KS plz) This proves again that people in lower Elo are better off picking champions that are easy to play. I was able to dodge 5 of his attacks ( 2 Q, 2 W, comet) even right up close on him where he has no excuses to miss W and Q. Either would have killed me this low. https://gfycat.com/thisactivehellbender
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