Ranked dead?

I've been trying to play ranked for the last weeks and it feels like barely anyone plays this game in ranked anymore? And it only has gotten worse over time. I mean, after the reset I got placed in silver again, trying to climb back up. So it's low enough that there should be plenty of people to get matched with. But for some reason I simply can't find matches anymore. Queue times of 15-20 minutes are the norm, not the exception. I just tried for about 15 minutes until I just gave up. I'm also not talking about playing at obviously bad times, like 2am during the week, I'm talking about 5pm - 10pm, times the number of people playing this game should be the highest. Yes, I restart the queue after 3-4 minutes. Matchmaking is bad enough to not wait until Riot thinks "better a super shitty match than none at all". But still, I've been playing this game since Season 3, I've pretty much never had queue times longer than 2-3 minutes at most. No matter when I played. I guess it mostly is Riots own fault though. Matchmaking feels really unbalanced. People ragequit, just feed all game not even trying to win or are super toxic all the time and no one seems to get punished anymore. Making the game a really feel bad environment that will make enough players quit when not wanting to endure this bs. It's so sad even ranked feels like normals nowadays with people just trolling and not trying. Also, while I of course don't have any data to confirm it, I assume Riot cannibalize their main game by releasing TFT and this card game. I can see that they intended to attract new people to their games and for that leverage their IP, however I don't see that work by making carbon copies of existing games and just slapping your name at them. TFT is just a copy of Autochess and the card game a copy of Heathstone, even with some changes they look and play basically the same. And especially the TCG marked is so oversaturated I have no clue why they thought making one themselves is a good idea. Since they queue times got so long especially after the release of those games, I guess most of their players won't be new to riot but rather switch to them from League, leaving it half dead. Anyone else having problems with super high queue times?
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