Champions you hate seeing picked in your team.

ok guys. every League veteran has some champions, that he has baaaaad experiences associated with. these champions, that you see picked and say to yourself "oh no, not this sh*t again". This time it is not another whine about OP champions picked against you, but shit your teammates do. So, without further ado, here are my types: 3) {{champion:99}} support. there are many AP champions with very high scaling, that can support with great results, and Lux is one of them. However, more than any other of these champions, Lux attracts players who deliberately neglect support stuff. They refuse to ward. they refuse to buy sightstone. they take a huge gamble of not getting gold generating item and wonder why they fall so much behind. Oh, and when you see on of these on your team, do tno even think about contesting the drake. it will never be any vision there. 2){{champion:157}} no.1 selfish pick in the game. picking yasuo is basivally saying to your teammates "I matter, you do not. pick synergy for me scrubs". forcing teammates to pick knockups, forcing them to pick magic damage champions... and all these adjustments can be just flushed down the shitter if Yasuo falls behind. Picking Yasuo forces players to choose between playing a bad teamcomposition or gambling on Yasuo's skill by picking synergy. Fu for picking this champion, FU. 1){{champion:67}} Well, memetically it is Riven who carries the mark of toxicity magnet. Trust me, from what i have seen, Riven players have much higher chance of being decent human being than Vayne players. I have seen quite a few Rivens fucking up and behaving sportsmanlike, but not a single Vayne. When you have a Vayne in your team, nothing is ever her fault. Towerdove level 3 and died? Jungler's fault- WTF is this noob doing in mid lane. Ate 3rd consecutive Thresh hook and seeing a gray screen? Report this Alistar, he does not know how to play tank, should have flashed in front of me. Lost a 1v1 against the enemy ADC? Shit team, no help. Constant cries for help. ignoring teamfights for a minion wave (i need PD!!!!). acting like the entitled princess all game long, bullying everyone into helping- like the whole team should be ready to carry the burden of her bad early game, and neglect their individual tasks. And if somehow Vayne gets big and fulfills her snowball fantasy- they claim the right to ALL the glory, hurr durr i carry this team. This, and more will be your experience when you have a Vayne in your team. Also this champion is a freakign paradox- one of the highest pick rates, when win ratio is at the very bottom
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