Shaco, the anti-fun champ

Okay so the new game mode "Black market brawlers" is out and it's a lot of fun, I enjoy it and I think Riot have done a great job with it. However on my third game I was matched against a Shaco. Now I know I'm not alone when I say that I HATE Shaco. He's annoying to play against, the counter jungling is almost too easy for him, his clears are quick with his boxes at level 1 and his ganks are pretty strong because he comes out of nowhere. But this game of Black market brawlers was probably the worst I have ever seen a Shaco. We tried to invade him early to mess up his boxes on the buff because that usually helps against him and we were successful so we thought that we were safe. He still managed to clear his buff and then invade our Rek'sai so she was off to a bad start despite our best efforts. He took her blue (I know Rek'sai doesn't need blue but that's besides the point) so she was behind on EXP. She then went to her other camps but low and behold Shaco was waiting to counter jungle her again. The third time I came down from the top lane to help Rek'sai and our support came up to make sure she could get through her clears which put us all behind on gold and experience. I went from managing in lane to losing because of a Shaco that wasn't anywhere near my lane. It was about 7 minutes in before Rek'sai managed to hit level 2 which is stupid and the Irelia I was against was now doing much better than me so I wasn't feeling to great about the game. Our Bot lane duo were doing pretty well so we thought maybe they would be able to carry us through this game but guess who showed up to their lane? you guessed it, Shaco. Now you might be thinking "oh that's not too bad, just play safe under tower and he can't do anything" but nope. Our support was slightly behind after helping Rek'sai so he wasn't as strong and the Bot lane got murdered under their tower. Okay so shit happens in games right, things don't always go as planned but this was supposed to be a fun game mode that so far wasn't much fun at all for anyone. We got to the mid game and their team was slightly ahead but nothing we couldn't come back from but Shaco was just in the side lanes split pushing all game long. In the late game he would split push and then come up behind whoever he wanted and destroy them, there was nothing we could do. I know pink wards counter Shaco but at the beginning of the game having to buy a pink doesn't really appeal to many people. I'll wrap it up buy saying we lost the game but at the end of it all no one was happy on our team and it all came from Shaco just being Shaco. He played a great Shaco and that's fair enough but to have a Champ be that annoying and anti-fun just doesn't seem like it's worth having in the game to me. even the team with Shaco on it were getting annoyed because he would just split and not help in team fights. Maybe i'm just really salty from having to play against it but to me it doesn't seem worth having a champ like that in the game. I know he has counter play but it makes the game less fun to have to resort to keeping Shaco out of the side lanes and out of your jungle. Anyway tell me what you think about Shaco and if he's worth having in the game, maybe you can think of a way to make him less...Shaco. Just to clarify. I don't think Shaco is that hard to play against, I just think he's anti-fun. :)
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