Playing League does not feel like "playing"

what do i mean by it? Two extreme examples i have had tonight. And please, do not dismiss this as whining over lost games.. because it is not First game- i have lost my lane. and by losing i mean LOSING. Ya, i was a feeder. I got tilted. I have spoken ill of my jungler even though I have earned every singly piece of feeding the enemy laner got on me. My team did nto give a single fuuck, they have probaly muted my toxic ass, did their job, groupped with me and finished the game nice and clear. Totally undeserved win for me. The game after- My god i have stompped my lane oponent. Killed him twice. hen his jungler came- turned the gank around for a double, all by myself. I was looking forward to help my teammates. Which were busy fighting.. EACH OTHER. Support was not rly into supporting, manifesting the above by skipping sightstone and flaming the ADC for not swapping roles. Which was kinda expected since his (support's) nickname was a variation of "Hi Im Gosu". No matter how hard i tried to help them, the advantage was fed back. I could not solocarry as a tank, i am sorry. One victory. one defeat. both absolutely inadequate to my personal performance. Was i playing League or rolling dice for the quality ofteammates and opponents?
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