So I am a LvL 7 Azir {{champion:268}} in the Last Game i started with NEEDLESSLY LONG ROD {{item:1058}} --> Immediately Went for LOST CHAPTER {{item:3802}} (NO DAMAGE WHAT SO EVER)--> Then Boots and MORELLONOMICON {{item:3165}} {{item:1001}} (NO DAMAGE WHAT SO EVER)--> Finished BERSERKERS BOOTS {{item:3006}} so my build at this point is {{item:1056}} {{item:1058}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3006}} and its still early in game around 20 min --> Then VOID STAFF (NO DAMAGE WHAT SO EVER) {{item:3135}} -> Finished RABADONS {{item:3089}} having bought LONG ROD at the beginning Helped a lot but guess what ? NO DAMAGE WHAT SO EVER--> ALL THE ABOVE BEFORE 35 MIN IN GAME AND WE WHERE AHEAD IN KILLS. NONE OF THE ENEMY TEAM HAD ANY KIND OF MAGIC RESIST ITEM, REMEMBER I AM A LVL 7 AZIR WITH 265.000 PTS IN THIS CHAMP I DONT MISS MY Q AND I GET AS MANY AUTO ATTACKS AS I CAN AFTERWARDS LONG STORY SHORT THEY KILLED {{champion:268}} 42% WIN RATE IN CHAMPION.GG ( THE LOWEST WIN RATE OF ALL CHAMPIONS IN THE GAME THE GAME ABOVE WAS THE LAST GAME FOR ME PLAYING {{champion:268}} I VE TRIED EVERYTHING EVERY POSSIBLE BUILD HE IS JUST USELESS before you ask my score in the game above was 4/7/11 in mid i faced talon (never got a kill nor he or me) and the final score was: my team 40/38/64 enemy team 38/40/82 we lost.
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