Perfect CS during custom games, but cant transfer it over to normal mode / ranked

So i have finally gotten to the point where i can get 114-120+ CS at 12 minutes wich is pretty descent i would say In Custom games, And over multiple champions, Every champion i play honestly... From mages to melee, melee or adc's being the easiest to do it With.. how ever there is a issue, Everytime I Try to bring my CS into normal games I just lose it all, like literally.. My csing is still pretty high and i usually crush my opponents in farm and stuff, but thats not the issue, the issue is that i should have had tons more farm etc.. And With my back timings i shouldnt have issue picking up LESS farm... But even i seem to miss CS left and right wich puts me off on a tilt yourney throughout the game where i cant think about anything but my farm and what not... Any tips on how to bring the mechanic into game? -_- I mean i still get 80-90 CS at 12 minutes during games but its still 20 ish cs less then i should have and its just the feeling of missing A lot of them that tilts me.. :o
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