Rant. And it's not filled with flowers.

While Riot thinks Autofill is a great solution to queue times. I waited 26 minutes only to get autofilled as support. Sorry, not sorry. Dodged it. I will not be forced a role I don't practice in Ranked. It's rather ominous of you to create a system that brings more toxicity to the game.. oh wait you don't care about that either.. Draft pick is still removed. Educated monkeys behind a computer making idiotic decisions. I can't come up with a single thing you guys have done.. oh wait reversed Kog'Maw's rework that's about it.. everything else has still been downhill since then. You guys separating solo q and dynamic boost doesn't really change anything if you've removed normal draft. Placed all the toxic people in our ranked games now, neat. Come to think of it now I absolutely regret putting money into this game. (Cause you guys seem to keep wanting more of it every single year and yet you can't do almost anything right with it.) It's not the end of the world for you for losing one 5 year loyal player but it sure leaves a mark on the forum now as how you've grown rather dull and pointless with this time. I thought Season 6 started off crazy but this.. this is a whole new level of money whoring and absolutely barbaric gameplay practices. I'm bloody out of here. (Perhaps this is a sign of this game finally starting to die..)

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