Why after 8 years playing morde OTP and a rework, I stop league

So it's now the day I stop to play league. I just needed an excuse (like wow classic) to stop being instulted all the day long playing that game. I'm OTP mordekaiser since 8 years, I found out how to face every champ in the game (except ilaoi ok x)), had 4 runes pages depending on who's in front. I did a very hard work on that and managed to be dia 2 just before rework. FIrst of all, you have to know that people starts the harassement when game at first second because I have 2.6M points on morde, 50% of the games I play starts with "hey morde, are you ok?". Looks fun at first but believe me, every game you really wont like it. I do as if I didnt care but it's boring. It's a normal thing at league being harassed. And I harass too now, I feel that this game community can drive the nicest person to an horrible %%%%. I will not talk about the strengh of the champ, he's he stronger? Maybe, I dont think so but it's my point of view. The thing is that, this rework is a nonsense. When RIOT rework a champion, usually they rework it and keep the mindset so people who like it continue to like a new version of the beloved champ. This rework is a total new champ. The shield is totally different (and so lower than old one), the pressure doesnt exist (old morde was the best pusher), the metal cone was a monstruous harassing weapon but all of this is nothing regarding to that.... WHY REMOVE GHOSTS? Morde has always been, for me, the funniest champ in that game cause you had a ghost and could overturn a game by doing a good move with ADC ghost and that was soooo fun. And then, RIOT added another big up with drake ghost!!! This is where I started to play morde alot (like, alot, I was sick for 1 year and had time for that). This is where I focused. From plat5 to dia2 I had ways to play this champ that only me knew. I trainned HARD to be one of the best mordekaiser. THAT was a REWORK. This new "rework" isnt a rework, it's a full new champ. WHY NOT leave people who enjoy the game like it is, and create a new champ? Who cares? RIOT had the choice to create 0 frustration and make other people happy to play this new champ. Worst, this "new" morde is ALL BUT FUN... ALL BUT FUN. I feel like I play a turret (weaker). Soooo slow, you do nothing, wait lvl 6, ult someone, hope he dont have an item or a spell that cleans your ult (really, quicksilver leach cleans the only strong part of the champ, wtf guys really, wtf, a 1000g item... T_T), wait for ult, do it again... #FUN... WP Guys, you removed ALL why morde was in my opinion the funniest outsider champ of the game. Even on youtube and in general I can feel how disapointed are the mordekaiser main players : http://prntscr.com/owecjj After 8 years so I'm glad to say goodbye, nothing in that game makes me feel I can agree getting insulted all day long in a game where développers dont care about what the community really wants, they just "hey, we do this, deal with it". So I wont deal with it anymore. GOOD BYE (well, good bye after the 27 when wow starts). :P A random geek
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