Sooooo, rank sucks.

I just played a game where my whole team was gold and we were against a full plat team. Safe to say we got destroyed completely. The game before that I was in a game with bronze and silvers and I still lost because my team was awful. Yes yes I know all that stuff about you should look at your own gameplay but my score was decent, especially in a losing game (other lanes completely fed). I am a **support main** and it is literally impossible for me to climb as a solo q player. I can queue as support in the normal queue and be completely fine, and even if I do lose I don't feel so robbed because I know it was because I made mistakes and their team was better. However, rank is just stupid and ridiculous, I cannot rely on my team at all. This season feels horrible for solo q players and support mains. If Riot wants to solve the whole long queue thing, please think of some way to ensure that supports aren't punished for playing. Supports are at the mercy of the team. I am starting to think that I should just queue as mid.... thus being an example as to why no one wants to be support. My normal MMR is perfectly fine (I rarely rank, I have always been playing normal but have started ranking because I need to fix my rank MMR), is there not any way Riot could fuse them together? Whenever I have ranked in the past seasons it has never felt as bad as it does now. The skill level between each individual players on both sides are not even similar. I can just see it from experience, things like ADC positioning and things like that. I played with a fiddle who literally was trying to run past the enemy team to get to jungle monsters (he died and fed throughout the whole game). I had a Lux who was just AFK at her tower and did nothing but flame and feed. This RARELY/NEVER happens in my normal games but wow rank is a joke seriously. The skill differences between people is far too high in rank, it looks like a level 8 game where smurfs are destroying new players, this is my rank experience right now. Riot, fix your game. Please do a hard MMR reset before season 7 and put methods in to stop boosters because this is just ridiculous, your game will die if you don't do anything. In a years time it will feel the WoW effect where no one wants to play support. I have been a lover of supports/healing in every game I have played and right now, for this season I really want to avoid it.
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