Summoner Spell’s Changes Suggestion

Ghost: gains 28% - 45% movement speed after accelerating for 2.5 seconds for 10 seconds NEW: resets on taking a kill. Cooldown: 210 seconds Ignite: Deals 80-550 true damage over 3s(previously 5) Cooldown: 210 seconds Barrier: Shields for 90-400 for 3 seconds NEW: Immune to CC Cooldown: 210 seconds Exhaust: Slows the enemy target down slowing by 50% and reduces the damage dealt by 40% for 2 seconds Heal: Heals you and your most wounded ally near to you 900 range for ally. Heals for 100 - 400, Grants 15% movement speed. Champions affected by heal get 70% less effect from other heal factors. Teleport: It can be casted on wards, turrets, minions. It can be distrupted only by stuns now. Cooldown: 350 seconds Channels for: 5 seconds after teleported to the targeted location you get 50% decaying movement speed for 2 seconds and you ignore unit collision.
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