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I notice when every time i get promo and passed for gold or plat does not matter what division next 10 or 15 games is the worst match up all team mates i get is so %%%%ing bad ello or first match they start to play in ranked always but %%%%ing always with 200 matches played in this season always get low match players (1-10 played matches ) after the pass division . Dont tell me u are low ello or u have weak mmr many time's i have strong ello and mmr but riot just will not let u to rank- up with this stupid match set -up . Second everyone who get lvl 30 they can start to play ranked any logic here >?. And Riot match up u with these people .So Riot ,people slowly stop playing this game i hope these game will be abandoned for all time's . IT's sad to have nice account with nice ello mmr what ever but your match up %%%%ed in advance 80% matches .Lol became so %%%%ing boring u not have no more thrill here or pleasure to play when u know in advance u will get shits of players and after match when u lose and look stats u see your team together dont have a 10 played matches so this is became boring sad game where u lose time and get only rage . This game does not deserve to be played .How is possible to be matched with someone who have first time game in ranked in half of season and u have maybe 750 played matches its no %%%%ing logic .So %%%% this stupid game .
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