Renekton or Jarvan IV, TOP solo Q

Hello guys; As a main player Shen with few hundreds of game played, I wanted to search something similar for TOP solo Q and secondary jungle, and there I got to pick from this two Champions. What I am looking for? Main TOP / Secondary Jungle Better LANE Sustain Good waves clear Mobility; Good escape or Catch The ability to go well as Full AD, full TANK or Hybrid; Safe play capable Less counters or no hard ones. "Evil laugh" Well, except the last one, to be clear, I am looking to pick between Renekton or Jarvan on TOP solo Q on ranked; I want to know your opinion which one is better and more recommended and why. Doesn't matter difficulty to master it; I play since season 2-3 LoL, I have some knowledge about the game, but I don't own these champions and I want to pick one as a new main, if possible; Thanks for your sustain; I will return your favor
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