I think im done with ranked this season

Since the start of this season ranked has been %%%%ed, due to the fact they added the new tiers. Like its become impossible to get people on my team who are not constantly feeding or trolling or going afk. I've played this game for 9 years and i've never had negative win before, but %%%% me this season has been impossible. Like every game is a uphill climb to try win a game, it doesn't matter what i do some one else with %%%% it up for the rest of us. I even managed a %%%%ing 12 game's losing with spree with out even being at 50% win rate, i don't think i hit 50% win rate this season. I really have no motivation at the moment to play this game anymore, like even my provisional game's where the worst i've ever had, just because others kept ruining them. Like i manged to get to p1 i promo's and lose the 4 times because of other trolling/inting. Then got at 12 game losing spree back down to P4, it doesn't matter what i role i play it doesn't matter if im on my main some will feed in my game and bloody cause me to go negative duo the fact i can't do shit vs the feed enemy team. You'd think the new division would filter players better but instead its done the opposite, Like i went from 56% win rate d4 last season to barely %%%%ing 40% win rate this season.
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