I can't carry 4 bad players

2 maybe 3 at a stretch, but 4 players who are outclassed by enemies so much? This happens too often, why does this happen to me a regular basis I really want some information towards this. If you're going to blindly come here and say that's it's me and I'm a noob and can't carry then don't bother posting. I can not carry these games whatsoever, the people I get match made with are clearly out matched so much. Sometimes I will get lucky and string together a few wins and I'm usually the MVP or have a high influence in those games but I'm still having to put in the effort as I will rarely get 4 players who are even close to what I deem to be the average skill level for this elo. If you were wondering I'm platinum 5, I've never had such a hard time carrying and climbing my main unfortunately got banned for flaming and if these games continue as often as they are currently I'm no longer going to be reformed and end up getting banned on this. Last season my main had peaked at diamond 2 and ended the season diamond 4, last year I went from gold 2 - diamond 4 and had a very easy time getting through plat. Now it just seems almost impossible and I can never seem to get a decent amount of wins to outweigh the losses and it feels like the game is purposely putting me in plat 5 to stay there forever. I get that these stomps happen to everyone, but they just feel too frequent. If I could put a percentage on it (just an estimation) I'd say at very least 75% of my losses from gold til now have been at least 3 players on my team getting destroyed by the enemies. It's not even close, every 20 seconds I will hear the same message "an ally has been slain" or "an enemy is legendary". It's driving me to want to give up the game altogether, for one I can't improve on the game as everytime I win I do everything perfectly but when I lose it's just against enemies who are incredibly fed and there's not much counterplay when you're basically alone against 5 enemies who can oneshot you regardless of how you build. Itemisiation becomes irrelevant when every enemy is ahead because of the free kills, if one or two enemies were fed then I could itemise a bit, lets say an annie and a vayne. I could build frozen heart and a hexdrinker or something, but when there's 5 enemies and two of which have armor pen as well with black cleaver there's nothing I can do. There is also no chance of me to be able to farm and scale because my jungle is just lost by around 15 minutes because all turrets are usually gone, I have to try to smite wolves and can't provide enough vision by myself to make sure I'm safe. I mean sometimes I can get ahead and start stomping the enemies myself, but all over the map my team mates will get caught and pretty much just give free kills away. So there's a time limit for how long I can actually be "fed" and it usually ends around the 20 minute mark until the enemies have caught up gold wise, while my team mates have you like 90 cs and shit like that. I can usually take objectives but there's only so much I can do on my own, the frequency of these stomps need to stop I've given riot the chance the season with all the mistakes and poor updates they've made but this is the thing that's making any effort I put into playing pointless. Please can someone enlighten me to how this happens so often, I surely can't be unlucky because this has been a regular occurrence for so long. PS: Please don't come here to flame and such....if you're going to criticise at least let it be constructive...
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