Diamond vs Bronze matchmaking

I really like how you can be teamed up with a bronze 5, 2 bronze 3 and a silver 4 (I'm a silver 3 noob) and have to play vs 2 bronze, 2 silver and a diamond who gets fed and kills you 4 vs 1. Shouldnt matchmaking avoid such obviously unbalanced teams? There are 2 problems: 1: That diamond guy easily gets fed and can 4 vs 1 you. 2: One team has the macro game of bronze and silver and the other one has the macro game of diamond. The bronzies and silvers dont know when to go for Baron or push a tower but they follow the diamond guy who does know it. I believe that matchmaking only takes the individual skill into account but ignores the advantage a team gets for its macro game by having a player with way higher elo.
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