Feelings on the current game state

I know this will always be discussed and there will always be people complaining but I just felt like I had to say something so brace yourselves: The current state of Season 8, what is it exactly? There's been splitpushing metas, teamfighting metas, now there is a new meta (for me at least, playing since season 4). That is the "picks" meta. Now why do I have a problem with this meta? It just makes the game less exciting, both to play and watch. For watching, you can be watching any type of game and one side is ahead but didn't manage to close it out in the first 20 minutes. Then if **one** person on your team gets caught, you lose something. 40 minutes in, if one teammate gets caught, you are almost guaranteed to lose an inhibitor, if not the game. Why do I not like this? Because no matter what side you are on it feels unrewarding. If one person on your team gets caught and you lose because of it, it is frustrating. If you're the one to get caught, it is horrible because you know it's your fault. And if you are the enemy team that makes the catch and wins the game it just feels like "Wow, we were losing for 30 minutes and won because of 10 seconds. We definitely didn't deserve that". The same thing happens with watching the game. Yes, we all like to see a turnaround and the underdog win. But for me, not recently. Because the "turnaround" is getting a pick and taking an inhibitor. It is much more exciting to see a pick be made and with the extra gold, gaining some strength to then make other plays. It's not fun to see an avalanche suddenly turning around and falling on the other side of the mountain. If you saw it in real life you would have the same reaction to how I feel about one pick changing the game. "WTF just happened?". You've had it where a teammate (or you) gets caught when you were dominating the game. All of a sudden the enemy has warded your jungle, cleared your vision and taken at least two towers. You have to go into the jungle as at least 3 to get vision down now if the enemy team is smart. The game no longer feels like the making of good plays to win. It feels like the "Don't mess up" to win. And treading on eggshells is not fun. I won't go into the hows and whys as to what causes this. Everyone has their own theories and biases as to what causes it and in the end it is up to Riot as to what changes are made. I just feel like, out of any season, this season is where I have to actually speak out.
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