Can we delete Shaco?

If anyone can convince me that there is any counterplay to a Shaco that knows what he is doing I will gladly change my mind and try to adapt. But all of my experiences agains a Shaco resulted in my conclusion that the champion has no way of getting countered. My suggestion is that the invisibility mechanic should be changed to that of Twitch, Evelynn or Rengar (it's called camouflage I think) because that is a balancable mechanic. Shaco's Q is absolutely unbalancable because it is so damn good for a basic spell that it's ridiculous: {{summoner:4}} with a slightly higher range combined with INVISIBILITY after. What is the counter to something you never see? Pink wards? Well let me see how many times that has helped.... maybe to avoid 5-6 ganks per game but lategame teamfights it is impossible to predict where he will show up and if you are even a tiny bit squishy you can say hello to 1850 damage in 0.00 seconds and then he just places a box behind himself and there he goes, chasing him is a very bad idea. I am very much open to all ideas because until the time he is changed i am willing to waste my bans on him, for if there is even the slightest chance of the enemy jungler picking him, I must avoid it at all costs. If you help me in the end to play better against him, that will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance. Rito please listen
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