Mid farm is not free farm!

Hi All, As a mid main, I really think I need to express my frustration with this. It seems to be becoming more of an issue, but maybe I'm just looking out for it more. In a sentence, Mid farm is not free farm. And I know that every mid laner here will know what I mean. Particularly if you are in the lower Elo's (like myself). Every one who roams mid lane or passes through mid lane feels the need to soak up all the CS. ADC's are particularly bad at this. I appreiciate you "need the cs" because you trying to carry, but as a Mid lane, im trying to carry too. If the team is mid, and we are trying to advance our position, then go ahead and clear the waves asap. But coming to lane and taking the CS, and then leaving, without pressuring tower or my lane opponent is kinda a weak move. The reason I bring this up now is because I played a game yesterday where the adc said "report mid lane please, 40 cs at 15 mins", despite the fact that for some reason bot lane had roamed 3 times at this point, absorbed all my CS and then just returned too bot without so much as even farting at the enemy mid lane tower. It really winds me up, and I would love for it too stop. Not that I think this post will make any difference, but hey, its good too vent.
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