Hello fellow Summoners, Azir had been my main for almost 1.5 years, but unfortunately the big nerfs had forced me to stop playing him (in ranked). I understand that balancing him for both pro-play and casual play is nearly impossible. Riot has revealed that Azir is going to get reworked and I fully support that idea. I have been thinking of potential concepts for this rework. I have worked out something that you might be interested in to further examine. I have a feeling that this might be a rework that could make him easier to balance, while keeping his core features. Azir has ( or had ) a really overloaded kit. My new idea if focused on the (closer range) zone mage. The extreme late game high range poke will not be a thing any more. Look beneath for the ideas I came up with: P- His passive could remain the same. Removing the tower and giving the old 'CDR gives AS' passive back is also an option. Although I have to say that the tower makes Azir dope. W- His W should remain the same. It's the main reason why Azir is so fun to play. Arranging his soldiers and controlling them makes it so fun and challenging. Q- Azir's q is what makes Azir so annoying to deal with right now. Especially the W-auto-Q-auto-auto combo is a really nasty combo that is almost impossible to deal with. My idea with the rework is to remove the lane power and force the players to work more around their w cooldown. Azir's combo will have a double activation, like Camille Q or E. The first activation will bring all standing soldiers back to azir, forming a line or a circle around him. The second part will dash all soldiers to the targeted area, dealing damage and applying a slow, BUT the soldiers will instantly disappear after. The reason for this is that your e is still a dash, and with this you can bring your soldiers with you. The second part can be used for a little poke, or safe wave clear. The soldiers will stack the damage, so using 3 soldiers will do a lot more damage, but has the consequence of waiting longer for new soldiers. E- His E will have 2 activations well. Azir will dash to a selected soldier, and when activated again Azir will lunge himself to a targeted area. Azir will stop when he hits an enemy, receiving a shield. The soldiers will not follow, only once Azir uses his Q. To visualise this ability, think of Camille E. R- This is where things get interesting. Azir will summon Shurmiman swordsman. They will spawn, in a circle around Azir and knocking everyone up who stands in the circle. Afterwards those soldiers will attack whoever or whatever Azir orders them to attacks. You can give the soldiers a HP-bar or make them work like wards or a ZZ'rot portal.The soldiers will also die when Azir dies. And of course a limited time of use. So, the main focus of these abilities is that Azir is still truly an emperor. He is a close range, control mage. He has good mobility with an opportunity to engage. You can still decide how you want to place your soldiers and you can choose to let them dash for poke, but they will disappear. Losing the fact that you can auto attack someone with them, or dash to one. So using the second part of your Q has down-side to it. His consistent damage, especially in long range due to his current Q, has been removed. Also the Shurima Shuffle (current E-Q) has been removed. I know that was cool but we gotta sacrifice something to make this work. Azir can still be played safely at a distance, but not as efficient. You have to get close to the battle to make a big impact. So instead of being a high-range, low risk, poke, control, disengage and engage type of champion with very good mobility. Azir is now a closer range, control mage with good mobility. Please give me your opinion and feedback if you have some! I am really curious to know what you think. Thank you for reading! (P.S. I am not a native English speaker, so please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes) Greetings, LexusAD
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