I feel like the new Lissandra was buried by her new passive

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I can´t help myself, but I feel like the new Liss got hard a LOT with her new passive. The damage output is now poor during the laning phase, since her W and R damage has been partialy put into the new passive. That means she is now way more reliable on teamfights (which she often doesn´t even reach). The laning phase is very poor since her W doesn´t help out much with lasthitting (as it used to do). She is also very mana hungry, unless you don´t want to push waves and just aa. You have to mostly build Luden´s for mana, which leads into another problem. You can´t run Protobelt as a first item (unless you are premade with your jungler who you can rely at in terms of blue buffs), therefore your power and kill potential on lane is strongly reduced. If I'm even I can't kill anyone solo, if I'm ahead I barely kill people. It feels the same to be even or behind. As I said, the Electrocute ignite Protobelt Lissandra is gone. You are forced to build mana item, which even more postpones your damage output. THE NEW PASSIVE IS simply awful. You can´t utilize it on lane in 1v1s and even if you kill the enemy midlaner, the passive HARDLY EVER has an impact (just by hitting few cs and pushing the wave). For me it feels way more like you have no impact and power in the early game, so you cannot control and outplay the opponent as much as before. Therefore I´m getting the feeling that the difference in the early game between good and bad Lissandra is pretty negligible. It is NUTS ON ARAM. Undoubtedly. But on Summoner´s Rift, it sucks. For me, I perceive this change as a step aside, not forward. The animations might look cool, but the champ isn´t fun for me anymore, since I can´t control the early game myself as much as I could before. It´s really frustrating to lose those hours learned to gain skill in playing certain champion. Because now I have to leave it all behind and learn something new. And that isn´t fun anymore. 2016 - RIP old Galio 2017 - RIP AP mid Viktor 2018 - RIP Assasin Lissandra playstyle
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