Should I just forget about ranked?[LONG POST]

I started this game in Season 4. At that time when I hit 30 I didn't even think about ranked because I saw everyone QQ-ing how teammates are toxic, how they get trollers and feeders and then they can't climb so they end up being stuck and it made me think of ranked as some hell. Then Season 5 came, more new interesting champions(one of them became my main) but my opinion about ranked still didn't change. Then somewhere around September my Gold friends told me that Ranked isn't really that bad and "by knowing me" I should get somewhere high and that I should just ignore the toxic ones. I decided to listen to them and played those 10 games. My placements were something like 7 won and 3 lost and I got to Silver 1. I was really happy and I felt like I didn't need to go any higher but they told me how I have high chances and that I'm really close so I tried. Whenever I got near 100 LP I would just start losing(I lost 17-20 LP) and I just gave up and ended up staying in Silver 1. Then Season 6 came up and I just rushed like a fool into Ranked thinking that it would be all the same or that I would maybe even get to Gold but there you go Bronze 1 a whole league below. I decided not to get mad about it and tried my best to climb. On my journey to Silver 5 I have seen so much toxicity but thanks God still got no diseases from it. I got demoted to Bronze 2 many times but managed to somehow climb to Silver 5 after 86 won games. Then I made a break of a week and decided to go for more. This time climbing to Silver 4 was really easy but I decided to take another break, but this one was really long. That break lasted for 3 months because I got back to normal games and after just plain ranked I felt so relaxed and reliefed that I didn't even think about getting back to ranked. But then all my friends started climbing from Silver to Gold in a blink of an eye and I was the only Silver scrub left. I really wanted to join them but ranked put so much stress and pressure on me that I just couldn't do it. Then a few days later I decided to try climbing again. I played, went to promos 2 times in a row but each time I got to promos I just couldn't win since enemy always had a better comp. I didn't give up and decided to play my favorite champs and I managed to get to Silver 3. I took a break again from ranked for a few days and again normals felt so relaxed in comparison with ranked. I decided to duo with one of my Gold friends because I thought that would help me and make me climb but it didn't. It actually brought even more toxic players and trollers than I would get when I went solo. The toxicity was like the same as when I was in Bronze. I just kept losing and I couldn't help it. No matter how much I wanted to just end the thing with ranked because all I got from it was stress, I just kept thinking about being Gold and getting that Gold border. Here am I now from 96 LP at 0(lost from 12-17 LP per game) thinking about leaving ranked forever. I would like to do it but then people would think I'm bad at this game when they see the Silver border and they would just make fun of me like they did before and I don't want that. I am already enjoying this game even with normals but that border just ruins it since because of the matchmaking in normal games I am usually matched with/against Golds and sometimes even Plats and there is from time to time a Silver in my team who is also being insulted because of being Silver. I guess I'll be honest here and tell that the only reason I want to get to Gold is to get the border and to just be called a Gold player so people stop making fun of me. It's easy to say just mind your own play, ignore those people but the difference is not that huge between Silver and Gold yet people in Gold are **WAY** more rated and respected than Silver ones. My last games are complete dissaster. Everyone is wishing each other cancer, telling each other to delete the game because they took the scuttle and didn't let the jungler take it (Yes, you read that right) or how the enemy jungler is by far better than ours and that our jungler is plain trash. I feel like I just can't handle this stress and toxcity anymore. It ruins the fun and the point of the game completely. All my team thinks about while in a ranked game is just to win the game no matter what so when things start going in the enemy team's favor toxicity gets unleashed and everything goes to hell. I don't know what to do. I feel like I can only dream about getting to Gold. I guess I'll probably stay with that Silver border and get laughed at for being Silver and then probably learn from my mistakes and never play ranked in my life. That is currently how I am feeling after all this time and I had to "throw it out" somewhere so I thought Boards were the right place for me. I hope I didn't miss the Board and I am sorry for the long post but I had so much to say and "throw out" of me. Thank you for reading, if you even read this one.{{champion:32}} TL;DR:I am a Silver 3 player thinking about never playing ranked again because it is stressful and there are a lot of toxic players ruining it all and because I feel like I can't reach Gold so everyone will make fun of me for being a "Silver trash" like they did before, since the only reason I want to reach Gold is to get the border and be more rated and respected.{{champion:32}}
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