Clash -Best tactic, let's talk.

1. Let's talk about ideal clash team composition and runes on them and so on. I think you need to have good early and mid game not necessary winning but be able to not fall behind. So champions, that can have potential problems with farming I kick as first. {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:62}} This champs can be counterpicked and although they can won 1v1 (fizz, kata case) if the enemy plays it safe and well they end loosing cs and not getting kills and when they hit 6 enemy can potentially have a huge lead and even their ults can't turn the course of game. Another wave of champs not suitable for clash are the ones that have bad early game even if they farm well. {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:154}}. So by winning or keeping close in early you should be able to get first baron and melted opponents, but maybe they picked for early too so you don't win after first baron so you can't afford to have champs that winrate fall too early. So another not suitable wave. {{champion:60}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:59}} You should also not play champions that use to have problems with bugs, since it is not LCS and you can't pause to solve it. {{champion:107}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:79}} With this strategy you need to pick or ban champions that have strong early and late game. There is no need to go for late, sine you should be able to close it, but then champs like {{champion:8}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:39}} should be banned. Ideally you want to have 5 champs that have strong early and mid game and be pro-active. Idea of best team on bruiser ad top with trinity: {{champion:164}} or {{champion:39}} or {{champion:114}} with early runes , jungle to support bruiser with black-cleaver: {{champion:104}} or {{champion:203}} or{{champion:121}} . On mid wave-clear and roam to help bruiser and botlane. {{champion:4}} or {{champion:136}} . Since you have 3AD champs having a healer is good option but you need to have a tank also, so best choices for supp is {{champion:12}} or {{champion:44}} and for adc you just need rageblade crit build. {{champion:202}} or {{champion:145}}. Any other thoughts ?
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