Why are Sona and Ryze banned from ARURF ?

Well i've said it all in the title. So let me get this, in ARURF, from all the irritating champions : Jayce W spam so cool ! Garen E spam yaaay ! Jarvan DEMACIAAA, oups your dead ! Mundo who is literally invincible... Yi Q Q Q Q Q so fun ! Veigar R, where did you go mate ? Shaco, oh 10 health, he's going to die .......aaaaaaaaaaand no i'm dead ! Zed, hum ZED holy ZEEEEEEEED... Am not even going to start talking about Cassio... Ugly snake WAMEN. And many more, you Rito chose to ban Sona ? Just why, i need an explanation please because i clearly don't see why those two champions are banned ! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}

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