TFT: Unhealthy ranked system for a game still in Beta!

I love TFT, but somehow Riot found a way to f**k up a simple auto battler game! **I know** Riot said it's still in Beta development, but when you put the game _**on live server**_ and give it a **ranked system**?! Nah bruh, that's not beta anymore, that's the real sh_t!. People are gonna grind that ranked ladder and they want it to be in the best environment possible. But I guess Riot doesn't give a sh*t about the players, since they were so hasty to launch the game on live server for a quick cash grab! And what's funny is that some people are stupid enough to actually spend money that fast on a game still in beta (to hell with game quality, give me that little furyhorn, baby!). For me, (opinion alert) if _**any game**_ is put on its live server and there is **a competitive ranked system** in it, I don't care what anyone says, I need the gameplay to be good, with no bugs (or minimal bugs with no game breaking mechanics) and balanced game design to make it fun to play! Ranked is competitive by nature, and having an unfinished game with a ranked system, filled with game breaking bugs and obviously unbalanced, is stupid af, frustrating to play and very unhealthy. _**(P.S.: SoloQ (SR) is not fun to play anymore for these exact same reasons, btw!)**_ _**You know the game is still in beta?!**_ Fine, keep it in **PBE** (B stands for beta, afterall) and give access to PBE to more playtesters! Or, you can still put it on live server **BUT** don't put in a ranked system for it. Keep it a normal mode for all people to play and test it for you, for free, and once you figured out all the bugs and inconveniences inside the game (or atleast, the most game breaking ones), **THEN** implement the ranked system! In this way, people will actually enjoy the game even more since it will be stable and fun enough to play in a competitive environment. I mean, it's not rocket science, it's **pure logic**, for f**k sake!
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