"Report for stealing my Farm/Junge/Bluebuff..." U wot m891011??

I'm gonna tell everyone dropping that line this now and only this once, so if you ever wrote that line, listen carefully, and memorize it: When I see you... * dying 3 times in the first 10 minutes * losing 2/3 of your CS to the turret even though you are not pressured * walk around aimlessly in the botlane brush, not realizing that its warded * lose the first donated bluebuff to the enemy midlaner 10 seconds after you got it * get ganked for the 2nd time, from the same approach while having 2 charges ready on your trinket * getting killed during an invade you couldve prevented if you realized what scuttlecrab and wards are for * ping me 100000x for help after you died in yet another 1v3 on the other side of the map ##...then I am going to tax, farm, take, and clear every last minion, jungle mob and kill! I am going to take that Herold-buff, I am going to stand next to the turret when it falls, and when there is a superwave worth 450 gold approaching, then I might well burn TP to be there first. Why? Because I have a game to hardcarry, and a teammate who made it that way, and I know full well that every bit on gold I leave to you, will be in a grey screen instead of a teamfight half the time anyway. So tell your report-threats to someone who actually cares, and be thankful that there is an actual player on your team donating you the greatest buff of all: Victory.
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