After seeing that there's no real progress toward lowering the damage levels of the last five reworked / released champions, it's about time to bring back the shield meta. I'm not only talking about {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:20}} enchanters, but also shield tanks like {{champion:53}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:497}}. If we add some buffs to shields, not only heal and shield power; but also base power, we can possibly make supports or tanks like this be the true counter to the assassin meta. Already, most assassins going in on a support like Lulu have to deal with a polymorph before almost instakilling her. Currently, Lulu and Janna are just the best at disengage. But mostly towards assassins when it comes to disengaging. However, with burst shields like Lulu's and Lux's; it's been the most effective against the damage meta. If you agree with me, please say why. If you don't, you really don't need to write anything, since most of you are just toxic. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}

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