Riot please reade a player opinion about the game

Srry guyz i need to be desabafate ("srry me english") Riot if your reading this dont get angry. This game is being destroying in pieces every patch. U nerf champs that doenst need to be nerfed U buff champs that are realy strong U dont care about silver matchmarking. U put modes that no one have fun with them. Stop put skins, stop making skins for a periode and pls focus on fucking fixes, of buggs and other matchmarking i send the contact to supp, they said me that i will join in ranked with same wins, i cant understand this part. Riot stop making skins for a while -> Skins only makes beatiful the champ, and ur wasting 96% (maybe) of your salary in skins. I hate being on silver i cant play ranked as solo duo triple quadra penta i always lost. There are a lot of people in silver they shouylndt be played on this ello. Help the low ellos, seeems u care only about the high ellos such as "plat" "Dia" "master" "challenger" there are prople that want exit silver, they cant do some to stop it! And pls fix the bugs and some hitboxs Example: Morgana q hitbox Imo the best seasons was 3 and 4 with no inperfections This game is making me tilt. My objective was getting fun in this game and it takes the opposite part. Pls listen your guyz , if u want to listen the feedback. But u arent listening. Its my opinion. dont get angry about me. Good Luck in games {{item:3070}}
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