Can someone explain to me what I am doing wrong in ranked?

Hi So this is my first season. After placements I was in Silver 4 but have managed to climb to Gold 2 (just got demoted to Gold 3) The past few matches have been rather unpleasant. I have a huge losing rate and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I have noticed my farm is incredibly bad. I main mid and usually play Ekko but I have noticed I struggle to farm efficiently when I am against a range as they can poke me away from farm. A good example would be when I was laning against an Aureal Sol, I literally couldn't farm without being under tower due to his W. I have tried roaming and I realized when I do so, I end up losing tower even if I have pushed my lane as I the jungler will always storm my lane (I realize now that mid lane has a lot more attention particularly from junglers) I was hoping if someone could look at my previous matches and help me figure out how I can improve and eventually get back to my winning spree
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