I don't understand riot's balancing...

Something pops up that makes Viktor incredibly strong again, riot throws in an insta nerf to fix it. Nocturne can ult every 20 seconds, that shit is untouched. Getting blinded every 20 seconds and sometimes even less through an entire game with a long range burst ult is not exactly what I call good champion design. If you put a Yorick on top that does nothing but split while the rest focus mid Noc can lurk between and if anyone splits up to stop Yorick Noc just oneshots them and then by the time he gets back mid he has ult again. I'm dead serious. I'm not saying 20 seconds or less to make it seem worse than what it actually is. He can ult 2 times during 20 seconds. So there is no counter too it. Just add Yorick and the rest focus mid while noc lurk and wait for someone to split for Yorick or whoever is split pushing and just delete them. If they split up, noc will kill them, if they ignore Yorick he gets everything, if they all go for Yorick they push mid. No counterplay. So what is worse? A bruiser Viktor that is really hard to catch or be blinded by noc ult for over 40% of the entire game with no actual way of counterplaying it?

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