Any love toward VI

Hello, so how do you feel is the current state of Vi and are there any plans for tuning her in. With the new Irelia W the part that cannot be interrupted is it really like that or Vi R can interrupt it? Also is there any way for you to make some adjustments toward Vi, because she is getting lower and lower in term of playability. We have Warwick being top tier jungler for the past few months and are seeing a lot of picks that does not favour Vi as pick. Also the fact is she had not been touched for quite some time. The problem I feel is that she is currently lagging behind in term of survival when she gank magic dmg users. I would suggest if (1) possible to make her E cone proc her W, and (2) giving her magic resist per level scaling . Also (3)reducing her passive cd early levels with 1 sec. and(4) if possible buffing the shield to 20% (15%) and increasing the duration to 4 or 5 sec. I know some of the changes are way too big still. Still asking for little love.
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