Kai'Sa should never have been allowed to exist.

I know this just sounds like another salty guy who losst to Kai'Sa ingame but please hear me out. I don't know which rioter ever thought it would be fun to play against a champ that can literally build any ap or ad item in the game and still can be usefull but it isn't. You literally can't build deffensive against her. And she exceeds at too many things at once. She has a way to low cd invis ability for kiting like it even goes down by a sec for each aa with the as boost which is even more stupid looking at that this thing gives stealth for good repositioning then she has a way to big shield with a dash that allows her to kite and selfpeel way to well like even riven has a smaller shield while also having an AD scaling on it she can melt tanks with her passive and oneshot squishys with her Q and a W if she buys enough ap. She can kite hard buy onhit buy crit while buying onhit and can even get a zhonya and a Qss if she wants to she gets alot tankier from this items and the shield will support this tank stats she can literally build anything she wants to and be a high standard of useful the only thing thats bad about her is her low atack range. She melts tanks she oneshots squishys she exceeds at the stealth game assassins can do she could be your mage, your full lethality burst or your onhit crit adc and she will exceed at all of that aspects she can be your annoying gen 2 twitch jungle she can be your midlaner she can be the guy that gives every melee toplaners good tilty feelings if you pick her as a bully on top she can legit do everything in the game and that's too much on one single champ
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